A perfect location next to the river Indre

A very special chateau on the Indre

Two kilomètres West of Azay-le-Rideau, you enter l’Islette by a gateway, dated 1638, framed by two square pavillions. A long, rectangular, three-storey building, flanked by two imposing towers; from its architectural concept and being surrounded by water the château is reminiscent of Azay-le-Rideau

Tradition has it that L'Islette was built by the same team who built Azay.
It was finished around 1530.
There are the same double rows of mouldings between each storey, the mullioned windows have the same proportions with a scroll in the centre of the lintels, and  topped by the same machiolated  walkway.
The resemblance was more striking before the early 19th century when the moat was filled in, the attic gables reduced in size and the towers lowered, giving it its appearance today.
The main entrance, formerly accessed by a drawbridge of which the grooves remain as witness, is ornamented by a finely sculpted escutcheon of the Barjot de Roncée family's coat of arms supported by two charming Renaissance cherubs.
On the ground floor of the East Tower, the completely restored ogive-arched chapel shows painted murals and a vault decorated with stars.
Passing through the Guardroom, you come to a wide, stone spiral staircase leading to the first floor, “The Noble Floor”.
The current owners live in the chateau, so it is furnished as a home.

The Great Hall

On the first floor, the Great Hall (15m long by 9m wide) has remarkable early 17th century pictorial decorations.
The decorations cover the entire ceiling, the plinths and the monumental fireplace; they picture elegant bouquets of flowers and bucolic scenes.
The walls have an ornamental frieze at the top representing the wedding rings of the Maillé and Carman families, described by an inscription by the fireplace -
"Here are the wedding rings of the Sires of Carman since François Léon, younger brother of Count Léon, married Béatrix, heiress to the house of Carman, to take the name and the arms of the aforesaid house, and to share with the said seigneur of Léon, his brother, the seigneury hereby established as an earldom."

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